AERIAL Level Classes

AERIAL Level Classes

AERIAL Level Classes


Evolve has a range of classes to suit everyone’s ability and personal journey.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra, also known as Aerial Hoop, is a round steel apparatus, suspended from the ceiling.

Lyra combines static, spinning and swinging trapeze skills with dynamic (and sometimes challenging!) poses, drops and postures.

Our Lyra instructor caters to all levels of skill and experience

Aerial Silks (Tissue)

Aerial silks is suspended fabric, usually quite a few metres in length. Aerialists use this fabric to climb, wrap, and create beautiful poses.

Thrill-seekers also perform spirals and daring falls.

Beginners will practise low and advance to heights as their skill increases.


A trapeze is a short horizontal bar hung by ropes or metal straps from a support. It’s an aerial apparatus commonly found in circus performances.

Trapeze acts may be static, spinning, swinging or flying, performed solo, double, triple or as a group.  

FUN FACT: It is officially the last performance of the circus!

Aerial Cube

Aerial cube is a steel, three-dimensional apparatus where aerialists perform tricks and poses using different sides and levels of the cube. Solo, duo or trio acts are possible. As the cube is suspended in the air, when performing in groups, uniform movement is paramount in keeping the cube stable and preventing rocking and disarray.

Aerial Rope

Aerial Rope is a vertical hanging rope made out of cotton. Towards the top of the rope, a loop is attached through which an aerialist will secure their hand or foot and create poses which can be static or spinning. Many tricks are similar to those on silks. This is a challenging apparatus due to the climbing and constant suspension in the air.


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