Do you have an age limit to join?

You can never be too old to start dancing, it is all about mindset and attitude.

We offer Teens classes for our aerials and teens are welcome to join our Pole Dancing classes with parents permission.

Am I able to join more than one course per block?

You certainly can! One of the best ways of getting the most our of your course is by cross training.  Why not couple your Pole Dancing Course with an Aerial Course and really reap the benefits and see your strength and coordination grow.

Do I need to be fit to join a Pole Dancing or Aerial Course?

You only require a basic level of fitness to join one of our courses.  We will work with you to develop the strength and skill you need  gradually over the course of the Term.


What happens if I can't make one of my weekly classes?

Our courses are structured in a certain way to help our students grow and develop whilst working on trick sequences, unfortunately we are unable to offer a “makeup” class if you are simply unable to attend.

If your class falls on a Public Holiday and we are closed, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for your options in regards to a makeup class.

What do I wear to my class?

Pole Dancing – you will need skin to grip the pole, so we recommend a pair of bike pants and a comfortable top.  Shoes are not required as most of our classes are completed bare foot.

Aerials (Lyra, Silks, Trapeze, Cube) – you want to protect your legs, so recommend tights and a fitted or semi fitted top (nothing worse than your top flopping in your face when you invert).

Do I need to be flexible or to have dance experience?
Can I watch a class before I join a course?

To be considerate to our students we don’t allow people to come and watch classes while they are running.  We want to ensure all of our students feel comfortable and not judged whilst learning at our studio.

We do however offer TRIAL CLASSES, these are a great way to tes out a potential course you are interested in, chat to one of our instructors and become acquainted with our studio.  We like to think of it as a “Try Before You Buy” kind of class.

How long do classes run for?

All of our Course classes run for 1 hour. We do recommend arriving early for your class and starting your own stretching and warming up (especially in the cooler months).


Our Casual Classes are a mixture of 45min and 1 hour classes, these are identified on the timetable.

Can I join part way though an 8 week block?

All our courses are designed to build upon skills week by week and have a certain progressive structure.  Due to this structure and for the safety of all students, we are unable to accept new enrolments past the first week of term.  If you missed the start of a course, make sure you keep an eye on our social media as we sometimes offer Mini Courses part way through.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Please refer to our Cancelation Policy under our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Can guys join the classes?

Currently our classes only cater to women, however if you would like to learn either Pole Dancing or Aerials we do offer Private Lesson.

If I am under 18 am I able to join the classes?

You certianly can! You just need to obtain a parents permission to join in one of our courses.


We do offer TEEN specific Aerial Classes, please head to our Timetable to see the classes currently on offer, or if you are interested in joining a TEEN class that is not available please email us at info@evolvefitnessandpole.com.au we are always happy to create a classes if there are a minimum of 4 students.

I have previous experience with Pole/Aerials how do I know which course is best for me?

Evolve is home to the highly talented Maria Cossia, Pole Dancer and Choreographer extraordinaire. We welcome students from other studios who want to expand their skill repertoire, or are looking for a new pole/aerial home.


We offer a complimentary assessment that will allow us to chat about your goals, previous experience and work out the best class to fit your needs.  Please send an email to info@evolvefitnessandpole.com.au to arrange a convenient time.

Am I able to pay in installments or do I have to pay for a course up front?


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