At Evolve Fitness and Pole, we’re proud to offer an impressive lineup of instructors; ready to push your body and skills to the next level. Learn more about the wonderful people which make up the Evolve family!


At Evolve Fitness and Pole, we’re proud to offer an impressive lineup of instructors; ready to push your body and skills to the next level. Learn more about the wonderful people which make up the Evolve family!


Director and Principal Instructor

Dance is Maria’s life and passion.

An artistic gymnastic from the age of 5, champion rhythmic gymnastic at 12, Maria’s love of movement inspired her to audition for a prestigious contemporary dance school at just 16 years old. She was the youngest dancer to be accepted. After three years at this school, she received the call to dance for the Teatro San Martin Contemporary Dance Company, which she danced for several years before travelling to Australia with her young family in 2005.

It was not long until Maria found a new passion, for pole dance. The shapes and movements she creates, especially with her dance background, are nothing short of stunning. Maria drew on all of her skill and artistry, entering many competitions over the past few years.

Maria’s accolades to date include:
2014 – All Stars (Finalist)
2014 – Queensland Pole Championships (Winner)
2014 – Miss Pole Dance QLD (Winner)
2014 – Aerial All Stars (Finalist)
2014 – Australian Pole Championships (Best Technique & 4th)
2013 – Australian Pole Championships (Best Trickster & 4th)
2013 – Queensland Pole Championships (Winner)
2013 – Australian Pole Fitness Championships (Finalist)
2013 – All Stars (Finalist)
2013 – Paragon International Pole Dance Championship (Finalist)
2013 – Australian Pole Fitness Championships (Finalist)
2013 – Pole-Candy Semi Pro Championships (1st Runner Up)


Aerials Instructor

I began pole dancing as a way to gain some upper body strength and to express my creativity on a dance floor that didn’t require a partner. I quickly progressed from one class a week to 3/4 classes a week and like any good student, commenced flexibility training not long into my pole journey.

Over the 8 years since first starting pole, I’ve attended 2 contortion festivals, at least one contortion workshop a year to upskill and various styles of classes around the country.

4 years ago I got started into bodybuilding as well and developed a love of the grace that comes with strength in movements. While fluctuating through the various stages, it made more sense to move into aerials where I could layer up closer to competition dates and I fell in love with cube. I started studying psychology as well as my Cert 3 and 4 in fitness so that I could better understand the human body and mind and how it all connects to our ultimate performance.



Aerials Instructor

Tyra has been performing in the circus world since the tender age of 5. Performing locally in her home country of South Africa and later internationally.

Aerials has always been her passion, and her focus has now shifted to teaching.

Tyra has the energy, style and charisma that will bring out the best in you, and keep you coming back for more.

Come along to an aerial class where Tyra will make you feel like you’ve run away and joined the circus!


Aerials Instructor

Hi my name is Jazmyn and I’ve been doing aerials now for 2 years. In that short time I’ve been trained at 4 different aerial schools, taught many different classes and won first place in the Miss Lyra Competition 2019 (Doubles Division).
My past students would probably describe me as fun and energetic but also honest and down to earth. My only flaw is that I have a terrible memory when it comes to learning names!
I love seeing students gain confidence as they progress in the class and have fun while they do it – Its one of the reasons I love to be an instructor.
I’m definitely looking forward to teaching here, if you see me around the studio don’t be afraid to say hello…I might just forget your name!
Her accolades include:

Miss Lyra Competition 2019 (Doubles Division)


Pole Instructor

Brooke fell in love with pole from the very first day and has been passionate about it ever since. Her particular skills on the pole include strength tricks and flexibility. Her favourite style of dance is exotic. She has competed in Miss Pole Dance Qld Professional heats 2018, Queensland Pole Championships Professional division 2019 and FloorPlay Professional division 2019.


Pole Instructor and Flexibility/Contortion Coach

2018 Queensland Pole Championship 2nd runner up

2018 Miss Pole Dance Queensland State Finalist

2018 Australian Pole Championship Professional Finalist

2019 Queensland Pole Champion Finalist

2019 Miss Pole Dance Queensland State Finalist.

Liz Roberts

Pole Instructor

Liz began dancing in 2011 as part of her recovery from chronic illness. Despite having no background in dance or gymnastics, she quickly fell in love with both pole and the community.


Liz has a strong focus on giving her students the proper techniques they need to train and dance without injury. One of her greatest joys is sharing her love of all things aerial and celebrating success with friends and students in the studio. 


In 2013 Liz placed runner up in the amateur division of the ACT Pole Championships and competed as an amateur in the national final of the Australian Pole Championships. https://youtu.be/ZLZ9e1KHDDM

Recently returning to pole after having children, Lis is determined to continue pushing the boundaries of her strength and flexibility. Working hard to reenter the competitive pole arena, she is a finalist in Pole Expressions 2019.


Russian Exotic Dance Instructor

Jane has been dancing on a stage since she was 7 years old. Her genre of classically trained dance styles include step, classical, belly dance and modern.

She began Pole dancing in 2013 and from there she became a Pole Dance Exotic instructor in 2015.

Now she loves to share her experience and knowledge of Russian Exotic Dance with students in Evolve Fitness and Pole studio.

Her accolades include:

Pole Imaginary 2013 (Russia) Finalist,
Pole Dance Exotic Championship 2015 (Russia) Finalist,
Pole Emotions 2015 (Russia) Exotic Amateur solo 1st Place,
Exotic Witchez 2016 (Russia) Finalist.


Flexibility Coach/Pole Instructor

2015 Pole Expressions 2nd Place.
2016 Australian Pole Championships Amateur Finalist.
2017 Queensland Pole Championships Professional Finalist.
2018 Queensland Pole Championships Professional Division Shoe Me Gorgeous Sponsors Award.
2019 Arnold’s Pole Championships Professional Division Finalist.
2019 Queensland Pole Championships Professional Division People’s Choice Award Winner.



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