Pole Level Classes

Pole Level Classes

Pole Level Classes


Evolve has a range of classes to suit everyone’s ability and personal journey. All levels at Evolve incorporate both spinner and static poles, however we encourage you to master your tricks on static before progressing to spinner.

We offer 8 week courses as our main course structure (4 week courses may also be on offer depending on the block) where you will safely build your skill level progressively over the 8 (or 4) week period.  Although we offer weekly payment plans for our courses they are considered as a single unit product, if you enrol into a course you are making a commitment for the full term (either 8 or 4 weeks) please consider this when making a decision to join course. 

Beginner Series

Our entry level beginner classes take you through fun, low to medium complexity dance routines that incorporate low level (yet challenging) tricks to get you started!

If you have never attempted pole before, then this is the class for you!

By participating in this class you also have access to the studio during open practice times.

Intermediate Series

Already have a bit of pole experience or just want that extra challenge? Our Intermediate Pole series is for you!

These exciting classes take you through fun dance routines of medium complexity that incorporate mid-level tricks and small sequences; sure to give you a challenging workout!

By participating in these classes you also have access to the studio during open practice times.

Advanced Series

Time to RAMP IT UP! The advanced pole series will test your skills and work your body! Featuring routines with medium to high complexity that incorporate high-level tricks.

You will also learn the art of putting your tricks together to form creative sequences. This exciting series will have you testing your physical and mental strength.

By participating in these classes you also have access to the studio during open practice times.

The Progression of Pole


Casual Class

Wanting to work on that nemesis move or simply looking to learn variations of the same move.  We offer a Fix My Tricks Casual Class for those who can’t get enough of the studio.


Casual Class

Our conditioning class complements any one of our Courses.  It is a great way to increase strength and stamina in a sculpt like class with some moves incorporating the pole.

Competition Training

Do you want to be trained by the best? Studio owner and Principal Instructor is an accredited performer with may years experience in competing and training current top level competitors.

Get the edge when it comes to competition with our tailored competition packages.


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